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Boeing 737 Max Ethical Lapse Case Write-up

Please summarize the case of  the latest issue, Boeing involving the 737 Max aircraft. You can use any website like cnn.com, cnbc.com, bbc.co.uk, Bloomberg, economictimes.com, Time, Fortune etc.  Please answer the questions given below in a total of 2 pages. You can use the write style of VW Case and it format.

what issues Boeing faced regarding the 737 Max airplane, how they dealt with the issue, Boeings organizational cultures contribution to the issue, and consequences faced by Boeing and the world. Arent these the sections that the VW case discusses?

Towards the end, write one or two lines on the similarities you observe between the ethical lapses in the two companies (VW and Boeing) and use exhibit 6.5 to discuss it.

(double-spaced, TNR 12 font size, 1-inch margin) in APA format. Includes references page and in-text citations.

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