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Boyz N The Hood

Paper Instructions:

1)Select a film and get permission to proceed to watch the film. Submit your movie for approval via Canvas

2)View the Movie

3)Summarize the storyline and main characters (1 page Max)

4)Identify three concepts that are covered in the text regarding your selected stage of development (Hint: create a header in your paper for each theme, e.g., Parenting Style, Attachment, Friendship in Adolescence) ( each them should be a page)

5)For each concept briefly summarize what psychologists empirically know about this concept (cite the text or other sources for the information) and then discuss how each theme was portrayed in the film. Were they accurate depictions of the concept?

6)View the movie again. Did you miss anything?

7)Write a conclusion. Include what you would add or change about the film to reflect the empirical understanding of development. Also note whether or not you are left with any questions about the concepts you chose. If not, tell why not and if you are, what questions remain?

8) APA-style References
At the end there should be a reference page (include at least the movie and/or website)
For every citation in the text, the source should be on the reference page.

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