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Summary You will analyze your company as a potential place of employment.  After analyzing the company, you will determine if the company is a good match for your skill set and if you think the company should hire you.  What factors make you think you are a good fit or not?

1. (10 points) Your paper should provide a succinct historical perspective of your company.

2. (15 points) Provide a detailed summary about the Mission, Vision, and General Strategy (use data when appropriate and external sourcing to fortify your paper).  You may consider doing a 5-Forces analysis or any other type of analysis that helps your case (perhaps a SWOT analysis, etc).

3. (15 points) You will first need to pick a particular job within the company that you plan to apply for.  Do a complete review of this type of position. Is it in a growing field? What are the job specifications, minimum requirements, or other job duties that need to be known?

4. (25 points) Next, you will need to analyze yourself.  Based on your CURRENT skillset as a student, what areas do you think you are sufficient and deficient (perhaps an individual SWOT analysis)? How do your personality traits match with the culture of the company? Do you see a perceived fit? How do your motives and company values mesh?

5. (25 points) Based on the above, what is your recommendation on WHY the company should hire you? If you are currently a student, you might detail the training and education youll need to be considered. If you were to get this position, where do you see yourself in 5 years? Where do you think this experience would take you in 10 years?

Grading Rubric for MGMT 3013 Long Paper: Option B

Length and Format Paper must be:
Between 1,200-1,600 words (works cited should be a separate page)
12-point Times New Roman font
1-inch margins
Name located in the header
Proper in-paper citations and works cited (MLA format)

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