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For this assessment, submit your second team exercise plan and post-session summary based on your completed team session.

If you have not already done so, contact your team members to schedule your second team development session. Remind your team members of your task and how you will use the information from the session. You should also remind them that you will protect their personal information and their identities.

Plan your team exercise and write a team development plan for your second session. Your exercise for this session should be based on one of the following two disciplines identified by Senge:

Team learning.
Systems thinking.
Facilitate the second team development session, addressing the following:

Define the remaining two disciplines: team learning and systems thinking.
Explain the learning discipline you have chosen and why it is important.
Explain how you will use the organizational team development material (the exercise) during the session.
Briefly introduce the problem or issue the team will work through, using the exercise.
While conducting the exercise, take copious notes. Record the session, if possible.

Write a post-session summary based on the completed experience. Include the following:

Explain the two learning disciplines that you examined for this assessment: team learning and systems thinking.
Team exercise plan:
Outline the schedule for your second team development session. Include the job titles or roles of the team members participating in the session. List the scheduled meeting date and time.
Describe the problem or issue you chose as the intended purpose for your team development session.
Identify the learning discipline that you chose to focus on for your team exercise. Explain the process used to select that learning discipline, the rationale for its selection, and the team development exercise that you used with your team.
Post-session summary:
Describe your team development experience in a narrative format.
Explain the successful and unsuccessful aspects of the team development exercise.
Explain the lessons learned for team facilitation, including both planned and unplanned journeys that resulted.
Explain the lessons learned for your chosen discipline, and its potential for helping a group examine itself, choose new direction, and commit to that direction.

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