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Business Law

Below is the case that must be completed. I have attached a word document with the case instructions that I have included here. As well, I have attached a word document with a sample case. Please match the formatting of the sample case when creating this case study. Thanks!

Ryder, a police officer in Philadelphia, was alone in his patrol car when he received a radio call of a “man with a gun.” Ryder was the first officer to arrive and was confronted by a suspect brandishing an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle pointed at him. Ryder was able to subdue him and place him into the back of his police cruiser. Backup units arrived approximately 12 minutes after the initial call. The weapon used by the suspect was later found to be fully loaded with the safety off. Subsequently, Ryder began to experience severe anxiety and stress from answering routine police calls, feeling that either he would be killed or have to kill somebody. A physician diagnosed Ryder as having post-traumatic stress disorder. Would Ryder be entitled to benefits under workers’ compensation laws?

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