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Business Plan for a Christian Healthcare Organization

Utilizing the company you created in the Practical Assignment, create a complete business plan.
The completed business plan should contain an organization plan, marketing plan and financial plan.
A completed marketing and financial plan is needed in order to complete this assignment.
Much of the information for the organizational plan can be taken from the practical assignment.

The marketing plan must include the following:

1. Physicians who will use the service or equipment;
2. New patients who will use the service or equipment;
3. Established patients who will use the service or equipment;
4. Estimated portion of the market to be captured;
5. Competition and its impact.

The financial plan must include:

* A projected income statement;
* Cash flow statement and balance sheet for a minimum of five years;
* One-page executive summary is required as part of the completed business plan.

Approach the plan as a Christian healthcare leader making effective use of scripture integration. The completed assignment should demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the purpose and components of a business plan. (1800-2200 word count range; word count does not include financial statements).

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