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Capturing the Friedmans (directed by Andrew Jarecki, 2003)

Watch the documentary Capturing the Friedmans (directed by Andrew Jarecki, 2003)


In the paper you should formulate your ideas, hypothesis and reflections. In other words, you need to write 5 pages of reaction to a specific theme, topic, or characterization common amongst assigned film and readings.

DO NOT summarize or critic the film. Your focus should be on the major themes in the film.

By using the the assigned readings through out this course, it is expected that you will be able to identify main themes that connect assigned film to the readings. The assignment will illustrate your understanding of the material.

Please type your paper; it should be five typed pages. NOT MORE THAN 5!  Do not forget to incorporate the final film and readings if relevant to your topic.

please only use the following attached sources to do this assignment. Do not use out side sources.

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