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case analysis

Apply what you have learned about Talent Management via a case study
Use your analytical skills to make recommendations about challenging talent management issues
Demonstrate and enhance your writing skills You will read the Indian Metal Companys Talent Management Dilemma case and write a paper in which you analyze the case and make recommendations for an action plan.

Your paper should address the following questions:
What are some of the consequences of employee attrition on organizational performance?
How does the external environment affect talent management?
What are the main causes of attrition at Indian Metal Company?
What strategies should Indian Metal follow to limit attrition and retain talent?
What else do you recommend as action items for Indian Metal?

Using what you have learned about talent management and HR in this class and your previous classes, you will provide an original analysis of the above questions based on your knowledge and judgment. While the questions should all be addressed in your paper, please write your paper as a narrativedo NOT write a series of questions and answers. While it is acceptable to discuss various options and weigh their pros and cons, the goal of the assignment is to make concrete recommendations. The grading criteria will be thoroughness with which you address the questions, the insightfulness of your analyses and recommendations, and the quality of your writing.

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