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Case assessment

The purpose of this assignment is to apply theoretical knowledge of human behavior to the main character in a movie. You will assess a character in either A Beautiful Mind or The Hate U Give. Use concepts and standpoints presented in the textbook and discussed in class to integrate learning throughout the semester.

This assignment will be completed as a PowerPoint, Prezi or similar format, although you will not be presenting the material in class. The following components need to be included on the presentation slides:

Introduction: Brief presentation of the character utilizing concepts from the person-in-environment lens (systems theory, ecological theory, ecosystems theory, strengths perspective, intersectionality theory).
Ecomap: Create an ecomap to accompany your description (include a key).
Family Genogram: Create a genogram of the main characters family system (include a key).
Neurobiological Development: Identify and explain how at least three neurobiological factors may have affected the characters development. Discuss your assessment of trauma, if applicable.
Psychosocial Development: What are your impressions on the characters emotional, cognitive, social, behavioral, moral, and spiritual development and functioning? Include your evaluation of the characters attachment style and how the character developed such style.
Sociocultural Considerations: How do you understand the sociocultural issues addressed and the characters development, considering at least three sociocultural/social change theories?
Conclusions: Given your theoretical knowledge, what is your impression as to the well-being and functioning of this character in the future? Do you anticipate social work involvement? In which ways might a social worker become involved.
References: Use at least two journal articles to support your claims. Use APA guidelines for all reference citations on slides and for the references slide.

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