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Case Study

Joan, a 57-year-old Boomer clinician/therapist, spoke with Megan, a 26-year-old Millennial client over the phone prior to the initial session. Megan says she is overwhelmed, extremely anxious, and unable to sleep.

Joan enters the initial session with a judgmental curiosity and predetermined agenda to find out why Megan still lives at home with her parents. Megan, who is not financially self-supporting, increasingly resents her parents when they offer advice, ask questions, or impose rules. Through early sessions with Megan, Joan comes to believe that, if Megan is so dissatisfied and argumentative with her parents, the solution is simple: Megan should move out and stand on her own two feet. But, Megan has missed two of the last four sessions.

Joan’s comments to her Gen X staff suggest that her client is irresponsible and lazy and needs to be more mature. Joan’s background? She was financially self-sufficient and living on her own since age 21.

Most of her staff do not agree with her assessment but dont respond immediately because she hasnt specifically asked. The Gen X staff do not want to see Megan hurt more by Joan’s approach while they value Joan’s vast experience in the field.

Present the results of their selected case study. The presentation and is expected to utilize visuals such as PowerPoint, Keynote, or Prezi.

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