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Casenotejudgement in cases T-778/16, Ireland vCommission and T-892/16, Apple Sales Internationaland Apple Operations Europe v. Commission

* Times New Roman, max interline 1,5
* Obligatory elements:
* Cover page  with title and information about author
* 3 sections:
* Statement of facts  max 2 pages
* Legal analysis  including analysis of the legal notions, juxtaposing (comparing) different views on the topic presented in doctrine and jurisprudence (objective analysis) min. 8 pages
* Personal proposal / opinion on the topic (subjective opinion)
* Inclusion of jurisprudence and doctrine!!!  (anytime you cite someone else statement putting footnotes is obligatory)
* Bibliography I need only legal analysis on min 8 pages. Please, follow writing in document named “1” and check other assignments, that are examples.

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