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Catch Me If You Can

Video/Movie Analysis – On Catch Me If You Can

This assignment is designed to assess students ability to incorporate material from the module readings and apply them to assigned video or pop culture movie depictions about white-collar crime.

Each paper will be roughly two pages, demonstrating how specific elements of the media source can be used to illustrate concepts from any of the module readings of white collar crime.  Each paper should incorporate at least three concepts from the required module readings, using and citing at least two of the required course readings in each module.

The paper should include:
A minimum of 5 paragraphs, an introduction, 3 paragraphs in the body (one paragraph for each concept), and a conclusion. 
The introduction should include an attention grabber, a thesis statement, and a clear preview statement.
The body of the paragraph should allow you to introduce the course concept, explain the concept, demonstrate your understanding of the concept, and illustrate and analyze how the required video/movie relates to the concept.  Please use ONE body paragraph for each of the concepts (one main idea per paragraph).
A conclusion that summarizes the key ideas from the body of the paper.
The paper should include a properly formatted title and reference page.

This is not a critique of the video/film, but rather an opportunity for you to you utilize the content from the media source in order to help you engage with the main points from the module. 
You may choose any key concepts or main ideas from the required readings that you determine are most relevant or can be effectively applied to the individuals, scenes, and major themes conveyed in the video/film.

Please be sure to use APA formatting for the title page, in-text citations, and your reference. These pages are not included in the page count.

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