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Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect Paper (with ethos, pathos, logos)

Consider how Covid-19 (and everything related) has impacted your life in the past few months. Then, choose one or two of the following questions and formulate a personal response to the effect(s) of this time, using your own experience to answer the questions. This will serve as the prewriting for your essay. Then, formulate a main idea related to your experience. For example, you might pick question number 2. If you find that your attention span is getting shorter, you might describe why thats the case and how it has impacted you. Build the effect that Covid has had on your attention span. This is the so what of your essay. Write a clear thesis that shows your experience and the significance of your experience (ethos). Use examples and explanations to connect to your audience (pathos), and then make some logical conclusion about the effects during this unprecedented time (logos). In other words, use this essay to demonstrate a personal, thoughtful, and organized cause and effect to living during the time of Covid-19.

These questions are designed to provoke thought. Think of them in terms of cause and effect. In other words, the cause is some aspect of Covid- 19, and the effect (s) are the result (s) of how your chosen aspect (s) has affected you. You might have additional questions youd like to cover. If thats the case, please e-mail me first.

    Are you using technology more to connect with people, or are you finding that technology use is more stressful?

    Is your attention span getting shorter or are you able to focus?

    Do you feel pressure to be more productive (pick up a hobby, learn an instrument, etc.)? Are you feeling restless? Less motivated?

    Are you more cautious (in public)? Do you plan to be more cautious? Do you plan to be more adventurous?

    Do you feel youre more knowledgeable about current events than you were before? Will you become more active in current events, politics, or world issues?


Audience: The writers classmates

Purpose: To reflect upon this historic time, show cause and effect, connect with an audience, and compose a well-constructed college paper.

Length: The total length of the paper will be 2-3 pages. The paper should focus on 1 or 2 of the listed questions, contain a narrowed thesis, support the writers opinions with examples, and connect to the audience.

Sources: The writers experience and reflection related to the experience.

Formatting: The paper must be formatted in MLA format, including in-text citations and the Works Cited page, if relevant.

*Please reference the evaluation criteria for more specific requirements.

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