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Chinese economy

Suppose you make it into the final round of the World Bank interview. World Bank research team asks every shortlisted candidate to write a report on China’s fiscal system since the 1990s and its consequences today. In addition, you are required to address how Chinas fundamental institutions of reform and development link to the consequences you discuss. Besides these requirements, please feel free to add your thoughts on China’s fiscal system into the essay.  1000 words

Suppose you work in a WTO research team that focuses on Chinese firms’ trade disputes. Your boss (she) would like to know the primary features of the Chinese firm sector. She thinks the core of all disputes is the Chinese governments visible hand to help Chinese firms and SOEs’ role in the firm sector. Moreover, Chinas some trade partners have complained about Chinese firms impacts on their industries and societies. She would like to know how you interpret the so-called China shock and your possible solutions to the complaints. China has trade disputes mainly with EU and US. You do not need to talk about various disputes in detail. Instead, please explain why there are many disputes based on your understanding of our lectures and your thoughts. Moreover, is there any way out of the disputes based on your explanation of the reason? 1000 words

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