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Students will write and submit a final 5-7-page paper worth twenty (20) percentage points of the final grade. Knowing the prompts beforehand, you may wish to work on this assignment throughout the eight-week period, which will certainly make this final assignment much easier and perhaps more meaningful. It will have four main sections, as outlined below.
1) Essay (approx. 2-3 pages): Reflecting upon this semester and your work in this class, answer the following questions:
What is Christian theology?
What makes it an essential component of the churchs ministry since its inception?
How has the study of God, particularly in this class, been relevant to your life as a
follower of Christ?
2) Reading Review (approx. 1-2 pages): Provide a descriptive and evaluative itemized review of the course readingmain text and other resources (see Appendix). Be clear, succinct, and incisive in your comments and accurately identify the readings to which you refer. Be proportional in your commentsfor instance, whereas the main course text deserves a few paragraphs, smaller readings may be covered in a few concise sentences. Identify what texts were most illuminating or challenging and discuss whether and why you found any claims or arguments convincing or unhelpful. See the Appendix below for a convenient list of which readings to cover. Example reviews will also be posted in the online classroom.
I have other doc you can read for part two if needed.

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