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In this fifth journal entry, I turn to the alienation many Christians feel while living in an increasingly secular western world. Such Christians see parallels with the early church; at that time, it was a major decision (even a life-or-death one) to be a Christian publicly. By contrast, the very claim that there is something God wants me to do with my life, for instance, threatens dearly held contemporary definitions of freedom. In a paragraph or two, discuss where you find yourself. Do you think it is dangerous to embrace the idea that God calls you to a type of action or way of life? Or do you find the concept of an external call impinges on your freedom? Why do you say so? Be sure to cite material from the readings in your response.

In an additional paragraph or two, write about your growing awareness of your purpose in life and your calling. To what role are you called in life? How might you overcome cultural limits that impose expectations on you? How did the materials from module five focus your understanding? I ask you to be personal, since self-awareness is the first step toward reflective practice.

Following your reflective writing, I ask you to write one additional paragraph about how your online experience is going so far. Is there anything I can do to help you? Do you have questions about the online environment or the activities of the module?

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