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Civilization of Japan

On page 34 of Gender in Modern East Asia is written this:Chinese models were also at the heart of new ways of organizing society and economy in the seventh and eighth centuries, although these models were modified due to persisting gender norms.Write 50 to 100 words giving an example of such a change, such as a change in land-holding, property ownership, kinship system, marriage organization, child-rearing, or some other practice. Say whether you think this change was general (affected most or all of Japanese society) or specific to some class, stratum, or group. Choose a change which is discussed in more than one text (Ambros, Walker, Molony, or Barnes) and compare the discussion of that change in one text to the discussion in another text, or compare three or four different assigned texts.The vocabulary list posted on ICON contains some terms that describe different types of marriage. Since these terms appear in Ambros and other texts, the list may be useful. On the other hand, you dont have to write about marriage.

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