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Research question: What is the effective way to convey information from ice cores to the ordinary man to help him recognize the significant threats of climate change?

1-    Use the the two Scholarly annotated in attached file
2-    Add a third scholarly articles of your choice
3-    Use the three Non scholarly sources in attached file
4-    Can add one Documentary source
5-    Can Include Images: as many as effectively support your argument and discussion
6-    Follow the plan below.

Supposing you were answering your Research Question: What are the effects of climate change on the habitats and survival potential of the world’s big-cat species?
You might have an introduction that discussed the most vulnerable or endangered big-cat populations at the present time – in contrast to earlier times when populations were larger. Give us some of the reasons for the changing size in animal populations you’ve selected. (Perhaps: tigers, snow leopards, and cheetahs). This is BACKGROUND INFORMATION. It sets the reader up to understand the problem you plan to address with your RQ and Research.
THESIS: Your thesis would directly address the terms of your RQ: climate change/big cats/effects/habitats/survival.
As Hacker tells us in her discussion of the thesis, its job is to
    Be an informed, logical response to your Research Question
    Respond directly to your RQ
BODY OF ARGUMENT: Following your Introduction and thesis, you could begin the body of your paper by commencing a discussion of a series of subtopics. Your research and your reader may be guided by subtopics. Here’s an example of a series of subtopics. Notice, they do not overlap but are clearly related.
If this were your topic, you might have the following four subheadings to address:
Shrinking Habitat: Causes and Consequences (as you see, you’d need more than one paragraph to address all species – and sub-species, such as Bengal, Siberian, Sumatran, and Malayan tigers, all the decreasing habitats, the causes of those decreases AND consequences – especially increased human-cat encounters, with the retaliatory killings that typically follow).
Fresh Water Needs: Different species have different water needs; you would discuss all three of your selected species and the way that climate change is affecting their access to fresh water.
Changes to Animal Physiology: The increasing global temperature turns out to alter the cells of animals such as cheetahs, which has contributed to their loss of fertility. This is a direct consequence of climate change. Discuss any further effects that the heating climate has on the big cats’ physiology and survival.
Peripheral Threats, Indirectly Related to Climate Change: Poaching is a recognized threat to big cats’ survival. Are the lives of poachers made more desperate by climate change? Do they rely more heavily on poaching endangered animals due to the various effects of climate change? Include this in your discussion.
CONCLUSION: Your conclusion will provide two types of information
    Make further recommendations / Offer solutions to the problems you have examined
    Demonstrate to your reader the value of the new information and understanding that your paper has provided.
WORKS CITED: Here, you’ll provide MLA citations for all the works that you have consulted, and cited, in your composition of this argument.

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