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Code of Ethics

Review AHIMA Code of Ethics AHIMA Code of Ethics and AMIA Code of Ethics (A Code of Ethics for Health Informatics Professionals (imia-medinfo.org). Determine which of their ethical principles apply to HMIS/HIT?

Review ACHE Code of Ethics (ACHE Code of Ethics | American College of Healthcare Executives) and  Ethical Decision Making for Healthcare Executives ( https://www.ache.org/about-ache/our-story/our-commitments/ethics/ache-code-of-ethics/ethical-decision-making-for-healthcare-executives). Analyze which of the ACHE ethical guidelines and Healthcare Executive’s policy position statements are applicable HMIS? Evaluate the role of HMIS in helping healthcare executives in ethical decision-making? Assess if personal, professional, or cultural biases can affect decision-making suggested by HMIS. Determine what other healthcare ethical dilemmas can impact the use of HMIS or health information contained in them.

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