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Collaborating to Ensure EBP Utilization Across a Team

You are part of an interdisciplinary care team that is working with a patient who has recently had a stroke. The patient has lost a good deal of mobility on the left side of their body. The goal is to help the patient become ambulatory again and regain as much function as possible. To do this, you are collaborating with various team members and care areas to ensure that the best evidence, practice, and communication are used.

Remember to follow the guidelines in the FEM as you prepare your post. You will need to address the following bullet points to successfully complete this discussion:

Propose a plan, utilizing a model or framework for EBP, for collaborating with your various colleagues and across care areas that will ensure the patient is receiving the optimal care to speed their recovery.
Explain how you would ensure that the various care areas and team members communicate and cooperate so that all aspects of the patient’s care are leading toward recovery. In other words, how would you ensure that care approaches from different team members did not create an undesired combination of effects?
Cite a minimum of two resources that provide relevant and credible evidence to support and inform the development of your proposed plan.
Briefly note why each piece of evidence is relevant and valuable as a basis for your proposed plan.
Explain how you would help other members of the team to implement evidence-based practice strategies in their contributions to the patient’s rehabilitation.
How would you convince team members of the value of an evidence-based approach?
How would you guide team members to find appropriate tools and repositories for gathering evidence relevant to this scenario?
How would you support team members in ensuring they are successfully synthesizing the evidence they have found into their practice decisions?

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