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communist manifesto (marxism)

This summative is going to be an essay response as you work towards a deeper understanding of Marxism and its place in economics.

This will be a five page minimum response following MLA formatting, be primarily in ones own words, and identify key insights into the foundational assumptions and perceived flaws of Marxism.

Your paper response must follow this breakdown:
2 pages outlining the key distinctions of Marxist thought according to the Communist Manifesto
2 pages identifying and expanding on Mises critiques from Marxism Unmasked
Plenty of material has been covered in chapters 1 and 6 for you to complete this response. If you feel you need more, I recommend reading chapter 7 with further economic argumentation from Mises.
1 page of your own analysis and which side you feel makes the stronger arguments overall.

This should be a minimum of 5 pages

Im not concerned with an introduction. You can start right into your outline of Marx or Mises, but I am looking for strong paragraph construction. Please use this link if you need help structuring paragraphs.

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