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Community College Java 1 Class final DUE 6/27!!

Hello I am willing to pay $80 for this assignment. It is a community college online programming 1 final. There are two instructional video demos: the links are https://www.3cmediasolutions.org/privid/122015?key=be5bcb131be7e7f04c59117269ef90a94692d014
More instructions are within the zip file. They are in the index.html file as well as scattered throughout the actual java file.
It needs to be made on Eclipse IDE and named something like Assignment_5. My name is Aaron Choi, so please list that as the @author. He also requires a breif description/JavaDoc of the work done, which we have to put at the top, before the name. JavaDoc comments are indicated by /** before the comments. I have attached a screenshot with more instructions as well as the zip file containing all the files the professor provided. This is a beginner’s course, so please follow the intermediary/potentially unnecessary instructions he specifies.
Lastly, please make sure that after naming the file, you do not click finish and instead go to next, then under libraries and under classpath add an external jar. That jar will be the attached becker.zip file, which should be a jar once unzipped. Then, please do NOT make a modules path if prompted so after clicking finish during the creation of the new java project.
Please tell me if you need anything else.

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