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Companies should be forced to provide health care to full-time employees. Position: Agree

2.5 pages in business format (not including your references on a References page at the end of your report). Business format is 12-point font, left justified text, no indented paragraphs, and a line space between each paragraph.
Your memo should contain the following sections:
    Start with an opening paragraph stating the purpose of the memo why you are writing this.

    About XXXX: Provide a short description of the topic and why it is controversial.

    Position: Briefly discuss your position on the topic and tell me why you believe this.

    Research: Discuss the current research that supports your position. This section must summarize data from your sources.

    You will need to find at least 3 credible sources (Example: scholarly journal articles, pewreserach.org, Wall Street Journal article).

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