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Company selection and Overview due in 6 hours

Company Selection and Overview Assignment


During this course will you create a marketing plan. 


This week you will create your own company/business to use during this course and your marketing plan.  Choose wisely, you will continue to use this business through the course. 


Yes, if you already operate your own business you may use your organization. 


Please review the below items before deciding on your business. 


Things to Consider




Your business will need competitors in order to complete your marketing plan.


No bars, liquor stores, or night clubs.


In a future assignment you will discuss challenges that keeping your business from being profitable.


No use of profanity or slang in business name.


*** Please note the instructor reserves the right to refuse any business ideas that are created in good taste.


Assignment Instructions


This assignment will allow you to introduce your company/business to your instructor.  Using Microsoft Word provide the name of your business and highlight the industry your business falls under (service, hospitality, food and beverage, medical, etc..) You will also need to provide an overview (summary) of your business. The overview needs to be at least 150 words.  If you find yourself challenged with writing the overview, pretend you have been invited to an event and you have 2 to 3 minutes to tell the audience about your new business.    Your completed assignment should be uploaded and submitted through Canvas under this link. 


Name of Business:




Overview of the company: 


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