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You will be writing an essay that compares and contrasts two subjects of your choice; this simply means that you must discuss and explore both similarities and differences between them. The two subjects could be two historical events such as WWI and WWII, two famous philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle, Western vs. Eastern medicines, two Ivy League universities such as Harvard and Yale, working home vs, working in the office, etc. These are just some examples. It is up to you to determine what your two subjects are, but keep in mind you are writing a college-level paper, so your writing must demonstrate skills of this level. Please meet the following requirements:

appropriate topic (the two subjects) and effective introduction to the topic      10%
thesis statement that clearly states the focus (both similarities and differences)  10%
logic and coherent organization of similarities and differences (subject by subject or point by point)  25%
sufficient and relevant supporting points in various body paragraphs  15%             
topic sentence at the beginning of each body paragraph, following by substantial relevant supporting details and effective conclusion 10%
correct format in MLA    5%
correct grammar and structure  5%                                                               
correct spelling, punctuation, and other mechanics    5%
3 – 4 pages  5%

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