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conditioning Project

Assignment: Learning (Chapter 5)

The main purpose of this assignment is to encourage you to relate the principles of Classical & Operant Conditioning to your own life!

Conditioning Project

STEP 1: Your assignment is to choose one of your OWN behaviours that you would like to modify, using the conditioning principles you learned about in the text. Consider bad habits you might be interested in changing, such as biting your nails, procrastinating, not exercising, etc. You can utilize principles of classical or operant conditioning, recruit others to help you, employ successive approximations and shaping and modify schedules of reinforcement in order to improve your life.
You must spend at least 5 solid days devoted to this project in order to see solid results.  Please get started right away.
STEP 2: Write a 2-3 page paper (500-800 words) about your project that explains your project, the type of conditioning you used, and the methods and procedures used to execute your project. You should explain the process of shaping the behaviour and utilize any or all appropriate vocabulary. Finally, include a discussion of the results and an analysis of recommendations for improvement or future changes.
This assignment will be marked on content and written presentation. A clear introduction including the aims of this project is a must. Specifically, marks will be given for the description of your project, the method that you used to change a target behaviour, and your results. Finally, appropriate use of concepts (e.g. positive reinforcement), and grammar will be evaluated.

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