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Conflict Analysis

The conflict(s) you will analyze can be found in the episode of Million Dollar Listing: New York titled “Bailing on the Bully,” season 1, episode 6. 

For this assignment you will analyze a conflict using concepts and theories. The objective is to prepare a written analysis of a conflict that includes a description of the conflict, an explanation of what drives the conflict, and practical suggestions for turning the conflict in a positive direction or resolving it. I want to emphasize that the main purpose of the assignment is to demonstrate the relationship of theory to practice. 

To complete this assignment, you should:

1.    Select at least one conflict from the Million Dollar Listing: New York episode. (S1 EPISODE 6)
2.    Diagnosis/Analysis – Provide a description, diagnosis, and analysis of the conflict or conflicts – In this section you should give an overview of the conflict(s) and specific concerns you noted regarding this conflict. As you discuss the issues in the conflict, identify concepts/theories that describe and help explain the elements in the conflict. You will need to integrate at least two sources (scholarly or otherwise.tend to credibility)  beyond what is provided in the text.  This section should provide the reader with a solid grounding for understanding how the theory can be applied to conflicts and how the theory is related to communication.  (3-4 pages double-spaced)
Specific concerns in your report might include:
a.    What are the issues in the conflict?
b.    What Psychological, Social and Contextual factors operate in the conflict?
c.    Do these conflicts seem to move through stages (e.g. negotiation or Pondy)?
d.    Do styles, gender, or culture influence this interaction?
e.    What role may power play in the conflict?
f.    Is face-saving a potential issue in this conflict?
g.    What is the climate in this situation?
h.    How do the individuals manage the conflict? Is the conflict productive? Could the individuals do better?

    Analyze conflict behaviors.
    Understand the driving forces behind conflict situations.
    Recognize the importance of communication in the conflict process.
    Find the best strategies to deal with different types of conflict.

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