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Within your paper, please answer the following questions. (It may be most helpful to follow

the questions in chronological order for your paper. For example, your introduction

paragraph could define social psychology and include a required resource).

Define social psychology.
Define your topic of interest. (Use in-text citations).
What is the historical background of your topic?
Give real-life examples or experiences with your topic.
What do experts say about the topic youve chosen?
Has your topic of interest been in the news lately?
Conclusion-What did you learn?


*You will need to have 4 resources for your paper of which 1 may be your text.

*Your paper should be at least four pages of content.

*Your paper should have a correct APA title page.

*Your paper should be typed in New Times Roman font 12.

*Your paper should be double spaced.

*Your reference page should be correctly formatted in APA

* NO abstract is necessary.

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