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The focus of this units discussion is not on the financial planning process, but rather on the capital structure of the CCRC.   

Based on the information provided in the scenario and on an outside review of the relevant literature, and assuming that the CCRC is a private, non-profit business, formulate a strategy that the organization can use in determining its optimal capital structure. There are a number of methodological approaches to developing a firms capital structure, so these should be examined in preparation for completing this assignment. Like the financial plan, keep in mind, that the capital structure is dynamic and highly influenced by economic, political, fiscal policy, and other market forces.

So, what may represent an optimal capital structure today could be less beneficial for the company tomorrow. The key is to find the right mix of debt and equity financing, so as to ensure the financial well-being of the organization.  All recommendations should be logically presented and well supported with three references.

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