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COVID – 19

Right now, we are living through an historic event, a global pandemic. This phenomenon has
completely upended our everyday lives. It has changed the way we communicate with others, the
way we go to school and work, and the way we think about the world in a social, political, and
economic way. We are faced with challenges many of us could have never imagined. It is important for our archival institutions to document what is happening in order to provide historical context for the future. Below you will find a series of questions asking about your experience throughout the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic thus far. If you answer all parts of the assignment in a minimum of 750 of YOUR OWN WORDS, you will receive full credit (5 points applied to your overall average). This could mean the difference in a letter grade. Though it is not required, I strongly suggest that all participate in this assignment. This extra credit assignment is an opinion piece. As a result, you will not be faulted for any opinions, perspectives, or arguments you make.

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