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creating connection with social issues

This writing assignment is not merely a summary or critique.

This assignment is a exploring a social issue that is addressed by government policy/ programs and further connects concepts learned. (Critical thinking)

Important Note: You are to evaluate the chosen social issue and make “class connections”.

For example:

Social issue–>Decriminalizing marijuana. How does this relate to Texas Government–>States have the right to create policies and regulate marijuana. Class Connections–>Political Culture because we are a conservative state. Additional Class Connection–> Texas Legislature because they are the ones that would propose a state initiative to decriminalize marijuana. 

You are to include the following in your assignment:

Introduction of the social issue.
Include a thesis or precis.
In your own words, summarize your research findings.
Give some context to the topic. What is this issue all about?
What concepts can you relate to class or our text? (federalism, political culture, etc.) THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!!!
How does this event relate to Texas government?
Specifically name at least one concept.
Give an explanation lesson/ recap of the concept(s).
Give historical context of issue.
Has policy always been the same or changed?
Are there any landmark court cases relevant?
Write your paper in research paper format using good sentence structure with proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. Write in your own words or quote/ cite accordingly. If you need to use a short quote, cite properly.

The paper should be a minimum of two (2) pages in length, MLA or APA style.

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