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Criminal Justice

A major part of criminal justice and handling treatment issues for offenders is the ethical and moral practices that occur in corrections. For your major semester paper, you will need to research and discuss how the treatment plans and options you learned throughout the semester is being used in modern day corrections in relations to a particular group like women, minorities, or juveniles or a type of crime (drug offenses, sexual offenders, prostitution, etc.).

Questions to Answer:

What is the status of my chosen social class/offense in corrections? Pros and Cons
What are the treatment options being used on these types of social class/offender?
Is the treatment option effective or noneffective in deterring crime or recidivism?
What are some alternatives that you can suggest fixing the treatment for your social class/offense? Why? (BE CAREFUL NOT TO GO INTO FIRST PERSON)
Include: Title page, Abstract, and Reference Page



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