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Criminal Professionalism

This assignment of a five-page paper. The paper should be well-structured and should demonstrate your ability to analyze a topic, provide fact-based research, and demonstrate  critical thinking skills. The paper should be completed in MLA format. Points will be deducted for misspelled words and poor grammar. The paper should be typewritten double spaced, 12-point font using Times New Roman and all pages should be numbered. I will use available screening tools to look for plagiarism. Papers that are plagiarized will receive a grade of F without further consideration. 

In our current environment, there is tremendous strain between citizen groups and law enforcement. There have been riots and protests against police in numerous cities over use of force issues, calls for defunding of police, countless incidents of restaurant employees refusing to serve police, or in some cases, tampering with their food, and assaults on police resulting in serious injury and death. It has become all too common to see social media posts of individuals in aggressive confrontations with police and many instances of deliberate non-compliance with officers. There are activist groups like the Black LIves Matter movement and Antifa that have anti-police sentiments.

Topics to Choose From:

  1. Police Use of Force: Is it Out of Control?
  2. The Defund the Police Movement: Actions and Consequences
  3. The Police and Community Relations: Where Are We and Where Are We Headed?

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