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Criminology/Psychology/Policy Law

5 pages.

Part 1 Heading: Problem Statement
Part 2 Heading: Recommendations

Proposed a new or reform an existing policy to decrease victims from cyber crimes. I considered by enforcing punishment and breaking through the jurisdictional barrier because cyber crimes can lead to staying completely anonymous.

The topic I chose to address is Child Exploitation.  The pandemic has increased victims of Child Exploitation. Include a real case of an American citizen guilty of child exploitation in another country and compare their punishment to Michelle Carters punishment that lead to the death of an 18 year old boy. Support with criminology theories to explain their behavior or what lead them to engage in committing the criminal act itself and compare their social structure (upbringing, money, education). In order to demonstrate that such action proposed or reformed can be more effective in addressing the issue at bar. Are there existing organizations that battle these issues to decrease child exploitation? Offer recommendations rooted from the theories discussed from the different branches on local, state, federal, and international level. (For example: States should adopt law… or Police Departments should implement strategy… or Schools should educate….. and support with reference to the evidence.

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