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Critical Infrastructure

In 2011, the Southwest experienced a critical power failure. Communities, businesses, and other societal resources went dark. The end result was human and business failure to plan and protect the power grid and stations. This was considered one of the largest power failures in California history. Many restaurants and grocery stores lost revenue due to spoiled food. Many households were impacted as well- schools were closed the next day and some businesses. If youd like to read more on what happened in 2011, you can find that here: https://www.nerc.com/pa/rrm/ea/Pages/September-2011-Southwest-Blackout-Event.aspx

For this requirement, you will be developing a resilience plan. Choose a critical infrastructure incident that impacted an area of our country (whether it was due to a natural disaster, human error, or human attack) to use as supportive evidence of what to do/what not to do, however please avoid writing about big events such as 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, etc. If you need assistance with picking a topic, please let me know.

Ready.gov provides information and resources for businesses and communities:


Key questions/areas to cover in your paper:

Summary of the previous incident

1) What was the previous incident (ie.: if a great fire occurred, what happened? who was involved? what kind of disaster was it- natural or human caused?)

2) How did the previous incident impact the surrounding communities or greater? What were the critical infrastructure key resources that were impacted?

3) What was the resolution/recovery for the incident? Are plans in place to not let it happen again?

Protecting a business (your choice) and creating a plan

4) After lessons learned, create a plan for continuity/resilience for a business. How would you protect your business from incidents occurring and damaging it?

Think of physical (and cyber) features of your business, training employees, and what kind of partnerships should your business be involved with at the local, state, and federal level.

Paper requirements:

Please use Microsoft Word: 12pt font, Times New Roman, 1-in margins throughout and double-spaced.

Paper structure- Title page, abstract, table of contents, main paper, reference page.

Page requirements- roughly 6-10 pages or whatever is needed to cover the point (not to include the title page, abstract, ToC, or reference page). It’s ok to have less or go over as long as you make your point directly.

You will need to have about 3-5 references minimum (Wikipedia is not a solid reference but an “ok” place to start- more will be explained on this).

Please do not write “fluff.” Points will be deducted as well if you do not cite your work. Please avoid plagiarism at all costs. Consult with the instructor if you need help

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