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Critical Summary of The Social Construction of Drug Scares

Your critical summary should be based on one (or more) of the readings that was assigned for that week.  You may only use a reading that was assigned for that particular week. Your critical summary should include: 1) a brief summary of the main argument(s) of the of the reading; 2) a critical analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the argument(s), a comparison to arguments made within previous readings, or a critical analysis of the implications of the argument; and 3) three questions that are directly related to the reading, which may spark discussion. You should work to demonstrate a deep engagement with the text you are explaining and critiquing. Each part should constitute about one-third of the page. The critical summary should be written in your own words, though you may include a small amount of quoted material from the text (no more than two lines). Cite quoted material with the authors last name and page number. E.g., (Leon-Guerrero 2019, p. 213). No late critical summaries will be accepted. You will be graded based on the number of critical summaries you submit, as well as their quality. (24 points total; 6 points each)

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