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Critical Thought Response #3

Imagine that you are asked to consult with a teacher about a child who is experiencing academic problems in the classroom. The teacher emphasizes that Joey, who is in her fourth-grade classroom, has difficulty in reading and comprehending stories. She has referred Joey because during reading exercises he is often off task and disruptive in the classroom.  Using the problem-solving assessment process discussed in Chapter 8, describe how you would approach this problem as a school psychologist.  Make sure you answer the following questions.

1, What is the main problem according to the teacher?  What would you do to gather additional information about this problem?

2 Lets assume that that your hypothesis is that Joey has difficulty with basic reading skills, which is causing him to act out during reading time.  How would you test this hypothesis to determine if this is the actual cause of his problems?

3Lets assume that you have verified that basic reading skills are Joeys problem and that he is reading on a 1st grade level.  What would you recommend to the teacher to help Joey in the classroom?  How would you suggest that she monitor data to see if these recommendations are helping?

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