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Cultural Geography

This time I want you to do follow up post regarding #190616965.

Your follow-up should consist of two parts, and be about 150-250 words total for both parts (or more, if you’d like). You may choose to respond to the same classmate or to two different classmates (one for each part).
1. First, comment on a classmate’s meme/macro/gif. The comment can take any form; you can draw connections to something from your daily life or another meme, highlight certain elements and explain why you think they’re notable, comment on its cultural specificity, etc. However, it should be substantive, i.e., do not simply state that it is “funny”, “interesting”, or things of the like.
2. Second, answer/respond to a classmate’s question. Again, this should be substantive; do not simply state it is “an interesting question”, etc.

I attached the screenshot of post which I want you to reply to. I thought this classmate’s post is relevant to your post #190616965.

Also I have uploaded the last week discussion pdf which was about different readings, but you can see how classmate respond to other classmate’s posts. As you can see, it can start with “Hi, classmate’s name”.

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