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Curves Ahead Women Artists

First copy a picture of the artwork (this artwork can be of any style and from any time period) you have found and create a PowerPoint addressing each of the elements LFCMT. First come/first served for pieces: DO NOT address a piece that has already been analyzed. You are required to reply to 2 peer’s post by researching their piece a little further and including at least 1 tidbit of contextual information about it related to societal roles of women/artist/time period expressed in the piece. Be sure to cite your sources using free Purdue MLA website.

Second: Use Formalism (Line Form Color Mass Texture) to analyze a second piece that you have found online from the medieval period (500 CE-1449 CE) that is not listed as a required artwork for this class. So, no Battle of Hastings, Scivias, or City of Ladies.


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