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This will require some synthesis of politics, policies and power that undergird the role of AI, robotics and machine learning in our current moment. We will use this reflection to situate our own work in a broader understanding of cyborgs, science and the public.

First – identify your representatives in Congress by determining:
        Who are your Senators?
        Who is your Representative in the House

Then, for each, ascertain:
        ++ What party are they from?
        ++ On what committees do they serve?
        ++ About what policy issues are they most passionate?
        ++ Is there any evidence about how they feel about funding for AI? for higher education? If so, what is the evidence?

Lastly, write a letter in one paragraph or more that could be read by your Representative and/or Senators, describing your research for the final paper and its importance. Submit this session quiz to the Discussion Board by the deadline for the final paper.

NOTE #1: This assignment asks you to identify members of your state government. If you are not based in the US right now (many of you!), please select a representative from your local government (for example, county or country). If you are currently living in an area that does not have any division of leadership between your local city government and your national government, then you may indicate this in your submission and select either city government or national government at your discretion.

NOTE #2: If a student has already posted your answer (I imagine this may be true for the many of you who are still in Michigan), then in your post please refer to the student whose answer you are building from by adding their full name (e.g. “Lin Li found that the Senators for Michigan are: __________”) and add additional information to their post, particularly to the answer to the final question “Is there any evidence about how they feel about funding for AI? for higher education? If so, what is the evidence?”. Then, add your letter.

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