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CYBR515 – How To Install An Enterprise Malware Solution

Companies like Symantec, McAffee, Trend Micro, Kaspersky, etc. provide enterprise-level malware protection. Choose a major anti-virus company and familiarize yourself with their product line. 




  1. Create an executive presentation of 8-12 PowerPoint slides(PPT) on the product and on how you would install an enterprise malware solution on a hypothetical network with 50 Windows servers and 2000 Windows 7 computers. 
  2. Provide sufficient detail about hardware devices and software and where they would be installed. 
  3. Create a high-level Visio diagram to accompany your proposal that shows the layout of your software. 




Note: It is not necessary to diagram your complete network, just a high level representation of it. 


For example, you could represent the 2000 Windows 7 computers with one Icon labeled Windows 7 Workstations (2000). However, if you include a security appliance that provides malware protection, it should be included as a separate icon. Also, indicate location of software components (clients, servers, databases, management tools, etc) on your diagram, as well.

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