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Daddy poem

This will be based on the thesis statement you previously wrote for me to the poem Daddy

ENG 112: Annotated Bibliography of (potentially) Final Essay Sources

For this assignment, you need to obtain three academic sources that you are considering using in your Final Essay assignment.  These sources must be found through the library resources (catalog, databases, etc), and can either provide support for your argument, or counter your analysis argument (in which case, you will counter the source in your essay), or detail the lens you are using.

The source evaluation criteria and sample Annotated Bibliography (A.B.) – the handout from our class discussion – are attached to this assignment (see below).  Print this out and refer to it to guide you in composing your A.B.  Along with a correct MLA bibliographic entry for each source, your annotation for each source must contain:
a strong (1-2 sentence) summary of the source
an evaluation of the quality of the source (3/5 evaluation criteria)
The ideal scenario is that you find and evaluate three sources that you will (or may) use for your Final Essay, but this assignment is due before the Final Essay. So, if you cannot find the sources you will use for the essay assignment, it is acceptable to find three sources relevant to the primary text you are analyzing and making an argument on, and evaluate them.

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