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DaimlerChrysler – A Failed Global Merger

Answer only 3 of these questions:

1) In broad terms, what were each of Chryslers and Daimlers motives for entering the merger?  Evaluate the extent to which each firm accomplished these motives.

2) Explain how the DaimlerChrysler merger enhanced economies of scale and scope in the respective firms.  How successful was the venture in attaining such economies?
What advantages did each of Chrysler and Daimler seek from their merger? 

3) What disadvantages did these firms bring to the venture?  Elaborate.

4) The chapter identifies a collection of questions that managers should address before forming international collaborative ventures.  In terms of potential risks in collaboration, what issues did top management at DaimlerChrysler fail to adequately understand?  Elaborate.

5) Suggest a systematic process that Daimler could have followed to increase the likelihood of merger success.  Provide examples on how Daimler might have made such a process succeed.

– No less than 1,100 words and no more than 1,500 words.

– Single spacing only.

– Restate the question in your submission using such as section headers.  The questions restated will NOT count toward your min / max word count.

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