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Texas History

FORMAT:  Your film review will have five parts.

Essays should be typed, double-spaced, one-inch margins all around, 12 point font size, and include a Bibliography.
This is a formal paper, not conversational; DO NOT use words like I, me, etc
You should have a minimum of 3 pages, excluding the Bibliography, and use Chicago Style Formatting.
Part One: Main Characters

Identify the main characters/people/organization and give a brief description of each. Why are they present in the film?
If the film is based on a real person/event, compare reality to the filmed version (you will have to research this).
Part Two: Geographic Location

Describe the geographic and social location/setting of the film. The social location refers to what the atmosphere is like for people based on social characteristics like race, class, gender, sexual orientation, physical and mental ability, etc.
Is this significant to the film?
Part Three: Brief Synopsis

Write a brief synopsis of the film. What do you see as the major theme(s) of the film?
Part Four: Analyze the film

Discuss important turning-points in the film and significant scenes. Look at the time-frame of the film. Does time elapse during the film? Are There Flashbacks? Dream Sequences? Is this necessary to the story line?
Do people have very different stories about very similar events? If so, what may influence that?
What do you think the purpose(s) of the film is and are those purpose(s) achieved?
Part Five: Brief Reaction

Write a brief response explaining your reaction to the film.

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