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Using the Scenario below Write a 3 paragraph essay explaining which Amendment from the Bill of Rights is relevant and how you would rule in each case. Explain your decision.

If using outside sources you must include the links to any outside source in essay.

Darren was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping
and rape. He was taken to the police station,
where the victim picked Darren out of a lineup.
An officer pointed to a woman in the police
station and asked if she was the victim. Darren
told them, Yeah, thats her. The police then
took him to an interrogation room where he was
questioned for two hours. He verbally confessed
to the crime, and signed a written statement,
prepared by the police, admitting his guilt.
Darrens confession included a statement that
he was aware of his rights, and that any
statements he made could be used against him.
However, the police made little effort throughout
the interrogation to allow Darren access to a
lawyer, or generally notify of him of his rights.

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