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Data migration project

The assignment should be 6 pages. not a word more than that.

Please use the attached PowerPoint slides to access the work breakdown structure.

This assignment should be in continuation of the content in the PowerPoint slides. The company and project should be the same

you can either update the WBS( work breakdown structure )as in the PowerPoint slides (if you don’t feel it’s correct or need modification for this assignment) or use the same WBS.

Please feel free for any clarification

The Plantek slides are attached for reference as mentioned in the assignment instructions

Assignment  instructions are as follows

Assignment 2 Risk plan

    As a team, develop a risk management plan for the project you have selected following earlier deliberations. Apply the guidelines presented in class and through the Plantek handout entitled “Risk Identification and Response in Projects”. The plan must include the following sections and may not exceed six pages: (Just write a short introduction that’s not more than 3 4 sentences)

1.    Approach: The methodology you have used to develop the plan. (this includes a little bit of introduction and what to expect in the rest of the paper- should not be more than 6 7 lines)
2.    Work Breakdown Structure with codified boxes for cross-referencing.
3.    Risk identification and assessment, including WBS code, and a brief description of each failure mode (=risk).
1.    Qualitative analysis; Briefly describe and rate the RPN constituents of each of the risks identified.
2.    Application and description of risk mitigation measures, including their effect on RPNs
4.    Risk Response Matrix, using the format presented in the Plantek slides.
5.    Failure Response Matrix, using the format presented in the Plantek slides. (it explains the negative impact of the project)
Attention! Five or six risks must be identified. Your paper should not exceed six pages, excluding the cover page and table of contents (optional).

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