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Afternoon Simulation

Vincent Brody- COPD with Spontaneous Pneumothorax

The below activities are required to be completed before you arrive to simulation. Completing the below criteria is your “ticket to enter” the simulation. Please have all prework completed by Monday at 2359. Anyone that does not submit the clinical prep work will receive a failure for the simulation experience. Submitting this completed clinical document prior to simulation is important in order to be prepared for the clinical day. If this prep work is not completed, you will not be allowed to participate in the simulation (please be advised that simulations are limited, so make-up is not an option. If the simulation is not completed for this course you will fail to meet the objectives and not pass this course-both lecture and clinical).

Describe the Pathophysiology of a Pneumothorax? What are causes of a pneumothorax? What are the different types of pneumothorax? (Include at least 5 sentences along with in-text citations.) (30 minutes)

1. Complete the Pathophysiology diagram below by using the ATI Med/Surg ebook or your Ignatavicius Med-Surg Text located in your lecture course shell regarding COPD. (See Chapters 28 & 30, pg. 539, pp. 637-638 in Ignatavicius Med/Surg Book for more information.) (1hr)




Health Promotion and Disease Prevention:


Risk Factors

Document two Nursing Diagnosis and two Goals for your client:



Lab Tests/ Diagnostics


Nursing Interventions


Client Education

Medications (list only)


Multidisciplinary Care

Possible Complications




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