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DB 6

In this module/week, you will learn the various pricing strategies, including how to determine the optimum price strategy to produce maximum profitable sales revenues and when it is appropriate to mark down prices. You will examine the various traditional and non-traditional promotional media, including the advantages and disadvantages of each medium, that is available to promote the retailers store and merchandise. The concept of brand equity and its effect on sales revenues and profit margins will be discussed. For this Discussion Board Forum, choose no more than 2 of the following questions to discuss in your thread:

How do brands benefit consumers? How do brands benefit retailers?
What are the positive and negative aspects of direct marketing from the customers perspective?
What types of sales promotions have been successful with you as a consumer? Which ones have not been successful? Explain your examples.
As an intern for Dunkin Donuts, you have been asked to develop a social media campaign for a new glazed muffin. The objective of the campaign is to increase awareness and trial of the new line of muffins. How would you go about putting such a campaign together?

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