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In this module/week, you will review the practical steps to manage a retail establishment including hiring, training, and motivating employees.You will learn how to control costs within the store. In addition,there will be explanation of regarding how to design the store in terms of merchandise layout, visual effects, and an appealing atmosphere. Finally, the critical topic of customer service will describe how customers perceive the quality of service provided and how that can be a strategic advantage over the competition. For this Discussion Board Forum, choose no more than 2 of the following questions to discuss in your thread:

What is the difference between extrinsic and intrinsic rewards? What are the effects of these rewards on the behavior of retail employees? Under what conditions would you recommend that a retailer emphasize intrinsic rewards over extrinsic rewards?
Many large department and specialty stores are changing their salespeoples reward system from a salary to a commission-based system. What problems can commission-based systems cause? How can department managers avoid these problems?
One of the fastest-growing sectors of the population is the over-60 age group. Customers in this group may have limitations in their vision, hearing, and movement. How can retailers develop store designs with this populations needs in mind?
Both Nordstrom and Chick-fil-A are noted for their high-quality customer service, but their approaches to providing quality service are different. Describe the differences. Why has each of these retailers elected to use its particular approach?

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