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Define Megan’s Law in America

Please read the attached document to answer question #2

For each prompt, please provide some information from related readings.  You can also use class material and also outside source(s).  All sources used need to be cited properly.  I do not necessarily prefer one citation style over the other as long as you are consistent.  The rest of the space (for each prompt) should be used for your own: reflections, thoughts, reactions, even relevant anecdotes (if used sparingly).  I will gladly read your drafts for feedback before you hand them out. 

While no extra title page is required, you are more than welcome to include one (not in the 3-page limit).  Please stay in the 3-page (1.5 page for each prompt) limit as much as you can.

Define Megan’s Law in America. Go to www.klaaskids.org (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and explain the importance of Megan’s   Law (your opinions) given the readings and material in the module. 

Research suggests that Child Sexual Abuse rates are likely to be higher than reported, especially for boys.  Reflect on reporting issues and the gender difference (both fro victims’ and perpetrators’ perspectives.).

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